Important Things To Know Before Company Valuation

Business valuation is an important process to be taken to ensure the growth. But, it should be known that a business valuation is to be done only when required. Before the valuation of a company, many things should be double checked to ensure prevention of the negative feedbacks.

Go through a step by step self assessment of your business to get clear about the factors before your company’s valuation.


The first thing for a good valuation of the company is its cash flow. Even if the turnover is less, the profit margin is high brings a better valuation. How well you control your costs defines your management skills too. The expectance of near future expenditure also affects the valuation of the company.


The goodwill of a company grows its reputation as well as leads to a better valuation. The number of patents owned by the company shows a sign of prowess. This prowess builds a better relationship and allows a bigger gate for future customer relationships.

Assets and Liabilities

Every company has assets as well liabilities. It depends on the ratio between them to define the positive side of the company. The value of assets like property, equipment, debtors, in hand stocks show that the company is dynamic in structure. The most evident liability is the debt the company is in. How it has handled the previous debts and how it is managing the debts with the profit margins also defines the company valuation.


A company is formed with man power. Even if the infrastructure and equipments are quite good, a bad shape of people in the company will never lead to a good progress. The selection of people with expertise in the field they are appointed in gives a great up in the valuation of the company.

There are many deeper insights about the factors to know before setting your company up for valuation. Get in touch with the finest chartered accountant firms in Delhi/India to have both financial and reputable aspects for better valuation of your company.