Insight Into Making Of A Limousine

LimousinesLimousines are head turners. If you see a limousine on the road, you are bound to have a look at them. Have you ever thought about how a limousine is built? At first glance, a limousine will look as if a car is cut into two halves and some additional components are added to make the car into a stretch limousine. It may sound simple, but the fact is that it is a complicated process.

Strict safety guidelines and regulations are in place, which have to be adhered to while making a limousine. In this post, we will provide you with an insight into how a limousine is made. You may also consider to sell your old car in order to buy a limo, in that case have a look at best car buying websites in and around uk.

Making a Limousine

  • The first step is to remove the interiors, dashboard, door glass and door panel from the vehicle.
  • Protective covering is placed on the paint, to avoid scratches or damages.
  • The car is then pushed onto the rails, where the conversion of the car into limousine will take place.
  • A temporary X brace is welded to the car frame to ensure that the car maintains its shape after cutting.
  • The car is cut into two halves and they are separated.
  • The base of the car is then stretched and the floor assembly is reinforced. Cross members are added to the floor to make it sturdy and to make it a perfect flat floor.
  • The roofline is extended and reinforced. This will help provide a strong frame for the limousine.
  • The exhaust, electrical wiring, fuel line, connectors, brake line are extended and connected.
  • The original floor will be joined with the new extended section to provide a flat floor.
  • New pillars are added along with side structural steel to reinforce the side of the limousine. The positioning of the pillars will be to facilitate the attachment of the original front doors in the limo.
  • The roof is then installed and the limousine is now ready to head to the paint shop.
  • After the limousine is given its paint job, the work on the interiors can begin.
  • A considerable amount of time is spent on the interiors of a limousine, as it has to be plush and of very high quality and design.
  • Foam padding is added to the roof, the door panels and the floor to maximize insulation from sound and weather.
  • The interiors of the limousine will be different based on the requirements of the client.
  • As work continues on the interiors, wiring for the air conditioning, entertainment system, driver assembly and other accessories are also done.
  • The upholstery and seats are installed and a final check up of the build is done.
  • The undercarriage is sprayed with antirust paint to protect the underside of the car.
  • The limousine is taken for a test ride and any changes that need to be made are done.
  • Upon successful scrutiny and inspection, the limousine is delivered to the customer.

Some of the common cars that are used to make limousines are Hummer, Mercedes, Lincoln Cars, Cadillac and Infiniti. It is possible to make limousines out of other car models as well, but they will require a lot more customization.

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